Be our guest…touring the guest bath

All aboard the tour train. I believe our next scheduled stop is the guest bath…

When we moved into our new home in July, I was already fond of the dramatic dark gray found on this bathroom’s walls. A few pops of red really made all the difference….






There are really only two things left to complete in this room. First, the mirror needs it finish being transformed into a glossy red…

And the picture frames above the toilet need…well…pictures.

Just in case you are wondering, here is a short list of where we purchased our bathroom decor.

Shower curtain- Target
Shower curtain rod-Target
Shelves above toilet- Target
Red picture frame on shelf- Hobby Lobby
Distressed white picture frames- cheap frames from Wal-Mart with a DIY distress
Orbs on shelf- Pier1
Red paint on doors and mirror- Olympic ONE in the color “apple-a-day”

I am really glad you stopped by! If you have any questions or comments, just jot them down in the comment section.

Do you have a room make over or DIY project you would like to see featured on SBH? Hit me up with a comment and I will hook you up with an email address where you can send your make over or project story. Let the world see your creativity!


Home Re-tour

I’m going to be honest. It’s been a good long while since I’ve done some upkeep on the ol’ blog. Busy, busy! So I have very little idea about what I have shared, and what I haven’t. So we’ll do this the easy way. Home tour!

To start our little tour, let’s visit our dining area:

Our breakfast bar nook:

The kitchen (FINALLY complete with all appliances!):

The laundry closet:

The master bedroom:

The master bath:

The den:

Second bath:

Ava’s bedroom (newly repainted for our for-sale home):

And, the debut of Kyra’s new bedroom:

Complete with DIY curtains and artwork:

Well, I think that about covers it. Hope you enjoyed the little re-tour of our DIY home!


FSBO: The Journey Continues

I bet you guys thought I had completely disappeared! Well, I’m still here! After a very busy week (school, kids, Labor Day, traveling, getting a home ready to sell), I’m finally finding the time to sit down and give you a quick update on all of the great things we are getting done around our FSBO home. Let’s just take a little tour, one room at a time!

Dining area:

There hasn’t been a lot going on in our dining room in the last week. The only thing left to finish is painting some trim and laying some quarter-round trim at the bottom of the baseboards.

Did you happen to notice that little wooden dancing man has once again joined us? This time, he found a place on the top shelf, away from little 2 and 4-year-olds.

Bar Area of Kitchen:

You haven’t heard me mention very much about our former little dining nook in the kitchen since our table was moved into our old living area. We have known that we wanted a bar in this area for a while now, but we never had the time to build it. We definitely weren’t going to spend the $$$ to buy a brand new one. But in a stroke of luck, I found a solid wood bar on Craigslist a week ago that fits the space perfectly. No more awkward little nook in the kitchen! It is now completely functional as a breakfast area, serving area, etc. Originally, the bar was a dark brown, but we are in the process of painting the bottom a cream color to match the top set of kitchen cabinets.

The Kitchen:

Nothing much has happened in this room…yet. All of the white appliances are soon to be replaced with stainless steel and a few more tiles need to be added to the tiled backsplash.

(You probably notice that the end of the bar needs some work. We’ll have to box this part in and then paint it to match the rest.)

And this, my dears…

is currently sitting in my dining area. Tonight, we’re hoping to change out our white fridge for this awesome stainless steel fridge. You want to know one of the best things about this fridge? It was only $400 (It retailed for $1800 2 years ago). If you’ve shopped for stainless refrigerators lately, you’ll understand that is a good deal! And it was in perfect condition…until it tipped over in the bed of our truck on the way home. Now it has 2 dents in the door (you can see them on the right-hand door) and the inside has a cracked plastic piece. Great… At least it still looks acceptable! I’ll try to update with pictures in the kitchen later.


The den is probably our biggest project. Here is our little to-do list:

*Trim out window boxes
*Finish baseboards
*Put crown-molding around ceiling
*Finish out the corners of the “brick wall”
*Paint a couple of random areas (The brick under the den door, etc.)

Second Bath:

The second bath hasn’t seen much in the way of change. The big projects in this room are trimming the area in the middle of the wall and laying tile under the sink.

Office (Former Playroom):

This neutral office was my girls’ former hot pink playroom. Obviously, hot pink isn’t a marketable color. Since this room has been re-purposed as Jason’s office, it was destined to get a new coat of paint anyway…

There’s not much to it; Just tan walls and a little green desk that needs its own makeover. There doesn’t seem to be much of a point hanging things all over the wall and moving a bunch of furniture into the room.

Girls’ Bedroom:

I love this room! It is so awesomely colorful! Within a couple of weeks, however, these great blue walls will be covered with the same neutral paint that is now found in the office. I’m not too happy about that one, but I guess it has to be done…

I still haven’t figured out what in the world to call the creation hanging from the curtain rod. Ava calls it her pinata. What the heck, why not?

Master Bedroom:

This room is due for a few small changes as well, but they haven’t found their way into the room yet. We actually made our new headboard (which you can read about here), but it is currently at my in-laws house until we can find the time to run down with our truck to fetch it.

The new curtains in the window are a project that I finished just this morning. I’ll try to get a DIY post about these curtains a little later.

I am totally ready to be able to get some lighter colored walls in the master bedroom (after we get into our new home, of course). Maybe some very pale blue would do the trick?

Master Bath:

Nothing has changed here (with the exception of the purchase of a couple of fresh white towels to hang on the towel rod).


Two projects remain outdoors:

1. Get that one last stinkin’ piece of trim on the right side of the house (which has been missing forever…)
2. Make board and batten shutters to replace the broken white shutters

If you’re interested in learning more about the DIY board and batten shutters, you can check back for a how-to post in a couple of weeks.

I guess that just about does it! I know it was a long one! Thanks for sticking in there with me! There are still several how-to tutorials coming you way. As soon as I get around to these projects, I’ll jump back on to let you know how they go!