Kitchen rewind…

Alrighty, people! You’re going to have to hit your mental rewind button for this post! Our next stop was SUPPOSED to be the guest bath, but, low and behold, an amazing miracle happened. I was able to give the ol’ kitchen a makeover this weekend! Woo to the hoo!

Let’s start with the pictures from before the mini makeover…









You get the idea. Let me start the mini facelift pictures by bragging about the fact that it cost us $25. I used leftover paint from the other rooms in the house. The only items we purchased were two cans of Valspar chalkboard paint (thus our black accent wall). By Tuesday afternoon, that wall is scheduled to have some little girl art-work gracing its surface…













Now normally in life, I live by the motto of avoiding drama, but this dramatic look (courtesy of our black chalkboard wall) has me doing a happy little dance. And the white? Wow. You don’t even have to be able to see the white walls to notice how much more light is being bounced around the kitchen.

There are only two projects left until we can label this room finished. First, our pantry door ( the only white non-windowed door in the pictures) will be painted a deep red. Luckily we already have the perfect paint, so that will cost us zip! I would also LOVE to replace the 15-light door that leads to the garage with a stained wooden door (with a smaller window). Windows are great, but being able to see out into the garage seems pointless.

There you have it: a great summary of how I spent the weekend. It was totally worth it. Next time we will try to get this home tour train back on track. Our stop? The guest bath…


It All Hinges On This…

I’m tired of seeing this…

every time I stroll into our kitchen. These little cabinet hinges were a little ugly all along. With a good splatter of cream-colored paint, they became one of the most unsightly features of our kitchen. However, cabinet hardware isn’t really on my list of cheap-o upgrades and it doesn’t really rank on the list of projects on which I’m willing to spend moo-lah. A can of hammered bronze spray paint, which we obtained for free from a guy at Lowe’s when a piece was missing from our den chandelier; a box; and a screwdriver really did the trick.

Oh yeah… I now “ooh” and “ah” over these hinges every time I walk into the kitchen. I’ll let you in on the secret of how to flawlessly paint your hardware. This tip comes from Sherry at Young House Love. (If you’ve never checked out the Young House Love home makeover diary, you should totally stop by their blog. I’m an absolute fan!)

When you are ready to paint your hardware, grab a cardboard box, place the screws through their holes in the hardware, and poke the screws through the cardboard. This allows you to paint your screws at the same time you paint your hardware. It may not be rocket science, but it definitely made for an easier paint session.

Who would have thought such a small (not to mention free) project could make such a huge difference! Bye-bye nasty, unsightly hinges. Hello sleek, color-coordinated cabinets!

What about you? Do you have a hideous hardware secret to share? Have you completely refinished or replaced your hardware on the cheap? Leave a message and let us know!