Kiddie Project: Leaf Turkeys

Need an easy project for a child during these beautiful autumn days? Let him/her collect leaves and make a leaf turkey! Hot glue a colorful leaf onto a piece of construction paper and tell your child it is a turkey’s big tail feathers. Then allow him/her to make a body, head, legs, etc. out of items you have around the house. Add google eyes for some extra fun!



A Little Bit O’This, A Little Bit O’ That

Hello, hello! I’m back as promised to share a few things that have been added to our house during these last few days. Let’s get started with a couple of things that remind me of that slight hint of fall that is so slowly beginning to show itself. Up first is this insanely cute little guy. As soon as I saw him at Hobby Lobby, I thought of my daughter and her little obsession with owls. He was 40% off so he only ended up setting me back $7. But the look on my daughter’s face every time she sees him is worth every penny.

Remember this painting from a couple of weeks back?

I decided to do a little (okay, a lot) of revising in order to add just a little color. Here’s the end result:

Since the image on the painting is MUCH larger, it packs a little more of a punch. The red, gold, and green splatters (they are supposed to represent leaves BTW) add a little color.

This papasan chair was only $10, courtesy of one of my mother-in-laws. She’s the queen of garage sales. The weekend after I asked her to find one, it was sitting on her porch waiting for me.

I LOVE these chairs. I’m sure not everyone shares my sentiments about these comfy round bowls of pure relaxation, but I’m a fan. I actually had one of these a few months ago and I decided to sell it to make space for some other things. This was before we had extra room in our den. I have regretted it since the minute I did it, so I’m thrilled to yet again have this comfy seat to add to our little seating arrangement.

This wicker chest was a steal at $8 from our Goodwill store. It fits my sewing supplies perfectly! It still needs another coat of white spray paint but it still looks great tucked into this little corner in our bedroom.

Being the vintage furniture fan that I am, I couldn’t pass up this old stool (which was and still is in desperate need of some TLC) at a garage sale. Although it has a new coat of distressed white paint, it still needs a cover for the top.

If there are three things I could list as my little obsessions, they would have to be pillows, blankets, and (strangely) mirrors. When I saw this mirror at a flea market for only $3, I could imagine it on our nightstand. It brings a little more balance to the bedroom since there are also 2 mirrors on the nightstand on the opposite side of our bed.

All of these new little additions cost a grand total of exactly $30. Woot, woot for great deals!

So what kinds of amazing deals have you guys found in the last week? Where did you uncover these little treasures? Was is a simple mirror or a whole house? Leave a message and let us know! You can also hop on over to the SBH Facebook page to share pictures along with your story!

Fall Frenzy

Patience may be a virtue, but it is definitely not one of my strong points. Take this picture for example…

Maybe you notice that…um…the coffee-table-in-progress (found here) has no legs and is sitting on the ground. Yet, for some reason, it is decorated. I just couldn’t help myself. I’m starting to get into that fall decorating mood and it was begging to be noticed!

All of this decent weather the past couple of days has really sent me into a “fall frenzy.” Burnt orange, dark red, rich browns…They are all slowly popping into our home’s decor.

Looking for some great fall DIY ideas? Here are a few of my favorites from some of the wonderful blogs across the web.

These gourds and mini pumpkins, found at Her Southern Charm, would be a real autumn inspired attention grabber when placed in the middle of the family dining table. Since this idea is easy to create, maintain, and move, it may find it’s way to my table soon.

These super cute DIY T.P. roll pumpkins from Organize and Decorate Everything look like they would be a breeze to create when those outdoor breezes begin to turn cooler. I can just see these sitting on the bookshelf in the dining room…

Update: Want to see my results from this project? Check it out here.

These leafy guys from PepperPaints would look fantastic nestled in among that gourd and pumpkin centerpiece mentioned earlier. What a great DIY project to keep a child busy! They would absolutely love seeing their talent displayed in the middle of the dining table! You could even use crumpled construction paper if it is too early to find those beautiful, autumn-colored leaves. Wrap a piece of twine around the center and presto…

Plan on hosting a fall-tastic autumn party? Create these amazing DIY pumpkin name cards featured on One Lucky Couple and your guests won’t “fall” over each other trying to procure their seat! Or use them to add a personal touch to your home decor…

So there are a few ideas to get started on that fall decor I so dearly love. I plan to do each of these amazing fall ideas. Of course, I’ll be dropping in to let you guys have the play-by-play on how these little projects work.

So how about you? Are you feeling that “fall frenzy” yet or are you still soaking up every hour of the last few weeks of summer? Do you have a great DIY fall idea to share? Leave a comment and let us know!