The New Kitchen on the Block

Ah…the kitchen. Perhaps the most used room in the whole house. Whether we are camped out at the table doing some work or fixing up a great meal, this room sees a lot of our family.

We haven’t had much of an opportunity to make changes in the kitchen. When I start looking at the pictures I realize there a quite a few things on my to-do list. First let me introduce you…meet the kitchen.










One of my favorite things about the kitchen is the concrete countertops. We toyed with the idea of making concrete countertops for our previous home so when I saw these, I was ecstatic. I have absolutely loved them. Interested in making you own? There is a great tutorial over at Tatertots and Jello that gives some great step by step instructions on how to DIY your own. It’ll be a GREAT investment. Promise….

Although I love the color green, I am not a huge fan of the red/black/cream backsplash with the pea green walls. I think one or the other will eventually have to go. At the moment, I am considering two options

1. cream walls with one black and cream striped wall might be in order….

2. or I might lean a little more toward this fresh black and white style from Ikea (with just a hint of  red)… This style would also allow the cramped kitchen to feel a little more airy…

The huge open space above the breakfast bar needs some major decorating. After I actually get around to painting this room, I think a few black and white pictures in dark red frames would be a great addition to this forgotten area.

And last, but not least, the huge, gaping wall behind the dining table needs something to draw the eye. A huge mirror? A free-standing pantry? An exciting painting? I’m not quite sure yet, but I will hopefully be able to find a budget-friendly solution soon.

So there is a run-down of the plans for the little kitchen. Where shall we venture next? Maybe we should just make our way back through our little home. The next stop? Guest bathroom.


Guilty As Charged…But I Have Surprises!

Well…I’m not going to lie. I miss this. I miss sitting down to do something I have absolutely grown to love…blogging. I don’t even know where to begin, so I will try to begin at our new beginning…we again have our own house.

A lot has changed in the past 2 months. After 5 years of being a stay at home mama, I have begun working at my daughter’s school as a part time teacher. Oh yeah…my oldest just started kindergarten…Oh what an adventure the last couple of months has been. But I have just felt a longing to keep SBH updated so I have decided to force myself to make the time.

Okay, so starting where we ended…the new house. It was almost as if we were meant to live in this house. After our previous home was under contract to sell, I found this house on (of all places) Craigslist. The owners were ready to start a family and decided their 2 bedroom, 2 bath city home was a little cramped for their style. However, it fit ours to a ” T”.

So let’s begin our little tour. What do you say to a room a day? Why, yes. I do believe that sounds like a plan. What better way to start than the family living room?






Talk about a change. From neutral to full fledge color. It is bright. It is cheery. It is…us. Here is a breakdown of where we picked up some of the new goodies.

Posters over the couch- Hobby Lobby at half price ($15 each).
Mirror over the fireplace- repainted mirror from BigLots ($50).
Turquoise items on the fireplace- Hobby Lobby and Pier1
Pillows on couch and BigLots- Pier1 and BigLots
Couch and recliner- BigLots
TV center- Craigslist find
Rugs- $99 each at Lowe’s
Coffee table- donated from family
Baskets under coffee table- Target
Easel- free
Chalkboard- Hobby Lobby at half price ($6)

Day 1 of the new home tour complete. And where shall we pick up next? Well, I am thinking the kitchen. Care to drop by for dinner? Maybe we’ll be cooking up something special! 😉