Our Cozy Little Corner…

Wow…just wow…

What a month. We have moved. We close on our previous house next week AND there are a few exciting little secrets that I can’t share just yet. But trust me…they are a big dealio for our little family. I know, I know. I hate being vague just as much as you hate reading this vague paragraph, but if you’ll hang with me for just a couple of weeks, I can fill you in on all the details!

Today I thought I would introduce you to the beginnings of our replenished home furnishing/home decor collection. Before we moved, we sold pretty much everything: beds, table, chairs, dressers, etc. The only large piece we kept was our sectional. It made for a much easier move, but it is time to begin trying to find some deals to refurnish. Last week I introduced you to the girls’ new bedroom.


Today, I thought I’d give you a look inside our little corner of our temp home. For those who don’t know, we are currently staying with the in-laws until we get the whole home closing situation settled and in the past. However, we have been picking up a few items to make this feel feel like our own.


We have decided to go for a bit more modern look this time around. So we found a good deal on a platform bed and memory foam mattress at overstock.com and gave the “seasoned tree” painting a new home above our bed. One of the hardest things about changing from a semi-shabby look to a more modern feel is the fact that shabby decor is a lot cheaper to DIY. Old things are supposed to look…old. These items are usually a lot cheaper to pick up on Craigslist than pieces with a modern feel. However, if you are creative there are always ways to find thrifty decor to fit your style. I do plan to mix in a few shabby pieces, such as the coffee table at the foot of our bed, among our more modern home furnishings. This coffee table was handcrafted by a local metal-worker. His customer did not pick it up, so we were able to buy it for the cost of the materials.


We’ll see how the whole modernized decor plan works out. Will we be able to find pieces on a budget? I hope so. Will it fit our personalities as well? I’m sure it will. Only time will tell so check back to see if our plans turn from whoo-hoo to boo-hoo.

BTW, thank you to everyone that visited SBH in the last several days. I have been absolutely amazed at the turnout. If you guys have any special projects you would like to see on the blog or would like to submit your home for a home-remodeling story, just leave a comment to let me know!


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