Girl Power And Pink Flowers

Okay…You aren’t going to believe it… I am actually going to write a decorating post. It has been ages but when you are moving and temporarily displaced, home decorating ideas aren’t exactly on the mind. As I mentioned earlier, we are currently staying with my in-laws (which has been such a blessing while we figure out our living situation). On a note of GrEaT news (for us at least), our house is currently pending sale! I’ll be sure to keep you updated on that blessing!

So, I decided to give the girls a bit total bedroom makeover. Since they are sharing a room, I wanted to give them a room that was a bit more coordinated. Here is the before…


And here is the after…


Most of the items in the room were, of course, garage sale, free, and thrift store items. The pastel rug is a PBTeen rug that I was able to buy from Craigslist for $50. The table and chairs cost $15 (including fabric to recover the chairs) from a garage sale. The LOVE picture is a DIY project made by decoupaging scrapbook paper onto an old painting canvas. The dresser, chair, bunk beds and wicker side table were given to me by Jason’s step-mom. The sheets for the beds and white throw pillow came from one of our garage sale adventures. My one big splurge was bedding. The lower bunk has bedding that came from Target, but the quilt on the top bunk came from PBTeen and cost “a tad bit” more. However both sets are well-made and should last a while.

The only other ideas I would like to incorporate into their room come from the Googiemomma blog. The striped ceilings and small chandeliers are too perfect!


I’ll wrap up by leaving you guys with a few more pictures! Thanks for stopping by!










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