A “Tangled” Party Count-Down: Pascal Party Blowers

In two weeks, my oldest daughter turns five. Oh…my… I remember thinking the days of kindergarten and loose teeth were in the unforeseeable future. Well, the unforeseeable future is a little too clear now.

Both of the girls absolutely love the movie Tangled. I mean, seriously, what little girl doesn’t want to be the princess with the beautiful blonde hair? That made it easy enough to pick out a birthday party theme! So, over the next 2 weeks I’ll periodically be sharing some of the ideas and preparations for her big day!

Alright then! Preparation number one: Pascal Party Blowers

I actually found this idea on Pinterest. Cute little Pascal and, of course, that long tongue that he used to snap Rider out of his Rapunzel-induced sleeping spell (hopefully you’ve seen the movie so you’ll at least have some idea of what I’m talking about!)

To make little Pascal here, you’ll need sheets of craft foam in green, yellow, and black, as well as a party blower. I’ve provided the template I drew at the bottom of this post. Feel free to print it and use it! The only part I feel I might need to explain is the eyelids. Simply cut out a crescent moon shape that is a tad bit bigger than the white part of Pascal’s eye. Put hot glue all over the crescent shape. When you attach it to the eye, be sure to put half of it on the green foam (of the head) and half on the white foam (of the eye). Besides that, it is fairly self explanatory. Planning your own Tangled party? Be sure to stop back in for more ideas over the next 2 weeks and for the big party reveal!

Pascal blower template:



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