Easter Takes Center Stage…Or Center Table

Cool wind, bright blossoms, and sunshine…It must be getting close to spring! With the approach of spring, of course, comes Easter as well! Time to change out our winter pinecone table centerpiece for something a bit more spring-like…

A gerbera and hemp egg centerpiece…

The gerbera flowers are from Hobby Lobby. Catch them on their 50% off sale week and they are only $1.50 per flower. The spanish moss (green grass) can be found at almost any store with a floral department. A battery-operated candle adorns the middle of the top tier. The bottom tier is filled with spanish moss and cheap DIY hemp eggs. Want to learn how to make your own? Well, let’s get started!

You’re going to need a bag of ordinary plastic easter eggs (50 cents for 10 at Wal-Mart), hemp rope, sandpaper, and a hot glue gun.

Each egg should be slightly sanded to give the egg a surface that allows the glue to get a good grip.

*Start gluing your hemp by making a very small U at the end of your hemp and placing glue on the tip of your egg. Attach your U-shape to the egg.

*Gluing 1-2″ at a time, continue wrapping the hemp around the egg.

*When you have your egg wrapped, tuck the end of the hemp into the end to give the egg a finished look.

Got it? Easy-peasy, right? So, there ya are! A super simple Easter/Spring centerpiece that is sure to get you in the mood for warmer weather and an old-fashioned Easter egg hunt!




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