Inde-PENDANT Thinking…How To Create DIY Pendant Light Covers

Want great pendant light covers for a fraction of the cost? Well, aren’t you in luck? All you need is a glass container!

The pendant light covers in our kitchen tend to make our kitchen a little dark at night since they only let light out the bottom. So, I decided that a clear cover might be a better choice. However, covers can be anywhere from $15 and up. Multiply that by 3 pendant covers and you get…$45 (at least). Oi…Nope. Not spending $45 for new covers. But what about DIY’ing some covers? Hmmm…

A lucky trip to Hobby Lobby landed me 3 great glass containers that would work perfectly…at only $2.20-$2.40 a pendant cover (at 50% off). After a little drilling, I ended up with covers that allow A LOT more light to fill the kitchen.

Keep in mind that we already had the pendant light fixture ($50 at Lowe’s), so this project only cost me $6.80. Beats the socks off of $45.

Here’s the basic gist of how you can make your own pendant covers.

Start with any glass container. Think food storage jars, mason jars, or (as in my case) discounted containers. Clean the containers well.

Grab the drill! You will need a drill bit that will make a 1 1/2″ circle hole in the middle of your lid. If you have a metal lid, make sure you use one that is suitable for metal. If you prefer not to buy a bit for this project, you can also drill small holes around in a circle. Your cut will not be as pretty and clean, but the edges should be hidden anyway. Be careful of sharp edges!

Next, use a medium sized drill bit and drill at least 6 holes around the large middle hole. These holes are very important as they allow hot air from the light bulb to escape!

Hang your pendant! You’re done!

Have you created your own pendant light covers? Send a picture on over or share it at the SBH Facebook Page! We’d love to see your super-creative work!


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