Old Is the New New…At Least For Our New Old Dresser

You think the title makes no sense, right? But if you think about it really hard, I promise it’s not complete jibberish…

One of my biggest pet peeves is a dresser drawer that is so full it can’t shut without quite a bit of effort on my part. Not to mention that it is so much harder to sort through clothes in a dresser when they all have a tendency to spill out onto the floor while you dig through a too-small drawer. Well, we have shoving all of our clothes into our two small nightstands.

Those drawers are wonderful for holding those miscellaneous random items that don’t seem to go anywhere else, but they haven’t been champions for holding clothing. They’re just to small. So, we finally found an old Bassett brand dresser for $60 this past weekend.

We decided that a flat black paint job with a light distressing would be easiest and would also look the best with the style of our room. After four hours of sanding, spray painting, and distressing, this was my final result (minus some hardware we’ll purchase when we find the time).

One of my favorite things about this dresser is its matte finish. The scratches and dents that didn’t come out during sanding are much less noticeable.

Total price for this project so far? $70 including the spray paint. Of course, dresser hardware isn’t exactly on the cheap list. We’ll see how it works out.


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