Dresser Re-do…Take Two

Remember the cute little garage sale dresser we bought last summer?

We transformed it into this even more cute dresser…right?

Unfortunately, the dresser drawers are not solid wood and the corners slowly chipped away over the last couple of months. It was definitely not a pretty site. So, decoupage to the rescue. I am hoping the paper+Mod-podge will help this little gal be a bit more resistant to chipping (not to mention that the result was super cute!)

The whole process is really simple. Use Mod-podge as glue. Use Mod-podge as sealer. Use Mod-podge as a top coat. I think I have found one of my favorite crafting products! A good sanding (to scuff the surface) before applying your decoupage is a good idea. This will give your surface some texture for the glue and paper to “grab”. Want some more tips on decoupage? Head on over to this post!

So, do you guys Pinterest? I recently joined up! If you enjoy Southern Belle Home, add Mindy Inman to your Pinterest “People I follow”! Not only can you find a quick way to link to some of the SBH projects, but you can get connected to other ideas as well! Hope to see you there!


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