25 Days of Christmas

Are you feelin’ it? If you have been waiting until December to ramp up your Christmas spirit, then today is your day! December 1st. It’s a day that we all anticipate (well, at least I do!) Christmas is just around the corner, the year is wrapping up, and we’re already making lots of plans for the new year (house plans…hehe). So here I am to start off the count down… 24 more days and counting… Well, while we are waiting for Christmas day, let’s fill all of these extra days with some holiday ideas!

You’ve probably seen the Christmas countdown calendars. You know, the kind you put a candy cane in each day and then remove one each night until you get to December 24? I don’t know about you, but I’m not that big of a fan of candy canes and I don’t really like to idea of Ava and Kyra eating a whole candy cane before bed every night…

So, last December I decided to fill the slots with a Christmas-related activity to do each night. Some are as simple as singing a Christmas song, while others can be as exciting as opening a small gift. The idea is that we all sit down for at least a few minutes each night and do something TOGETHER!

(Let me apologize in advance for the poor photo quality. I am currently in the process of playing a big game of hide-and-seek with my camera…)

You’ll need 24 activities. Print out 2 copies (one for the calendar and one for your reference). Cut one copy into individual pieces.

I highly recommend numbering your activities, BTW. I have the more complicated activities on Friday and Saturday nights. If they were to get out of order and weren’t numbered, I’d have to go back and resort them all again.

Roll each small piece of paper and stick it in the corresponding calendar slot. So simple, but the kids absolutely love it! It gives them something to look forward to each day.

Our Santa calendar is all ready to go! If you need some ideas for smaller kids, I’ve made a copy of our list below.

1. Paint a “handprint” Christmas Tree

2. Make hot chocolate and watch a movie

3. Read The Night Before Christmas

4. Make X-mas cards

5. Go to X-mas party

6. Sing Jingle Bells

7.Make a reindeer (from a paper plate, googly eyes, and red pom-pom ball)

8. Paint X-mas toenails

9. Go see some X-mas lights!

10. Ava chooses (We do almost literally anything she wants to do).

11. Have a big X-mas supper together

12. Open a gift

13. Make a list for Santa

14. Learn about X-mas

15. Say a X-mas time prayer together

16. Make and decorate X-mas cookies

17. Kyra chooses

18. Open a gift

19. Make hot chocolate and sit together

20. Take a funny X-mas picture

21. Open a gift

22. Sing We Wish You a Merry X-mas

23. Make a Christmas 2011 memory book page

24. Read The Night Before X-mas


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