A Tree For All Seasons

I have often looked at our expansive wall in the den and thought how wonderfully a huge painting would fill that empty space. Well, now I wonder no more…

This is a DIY project that I worked on over Thanksgiving. Although it was tons of fun to make, it was definitely a time-hog: about 8 hours. The most tedious task was using a decorative scrap-booking punch to punch out each individual summer green leaf and glue it onto the canvas using hot glue. But if you have a little artistic talent, I know you can do it too!

Usually, these types of paintings cost $300 and up. This DIY’er was $95 (if you include a new set of brushes, 4-24″x48″ canvases, 7 small tubes of acrylic paint, and paper flower and leaf punch-outs).

And just in case you’re a little disappointed that this post wasn’t about a Christmas tree…here ya go!

Merry Christmas season to everyone! I can’t wait to get some Christmas posts published up in here!


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