Nice legs…

My DIY shabby scrap lumber coffee table finally received its finishing touch. After 4 months of sitting atop our ottomans, it finally received some scrap cedar legs…

Like so many of my projects, this guy had to wait to be finished until I found free materials. Just so happens that the remnant cedar boards from our DIY board and batten shutters were just perfect! You can make this table with almost no wood-working skills because it is meant to look crooked, scratched, old…imperfect. Imperfect really is the new perfect…at least for our family. No worrying about 2 and 4 year old kids leaving gashes in the wood. No more worrying about glass rings (we don’t all have the sense to use coasters!). No more being over-protective of perfectly finished furniture. It’s really a relief when you have kids!

So, don’t worry about perfection. I don’t need a glossy, brand spankin’ new piece of furniture to get a great look! Sometimes that old, used look is just what a room is missing…


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