I’m Starting An Art Gallery…

It piles up until I just don’t know what to do… No, not laundry. Not dishes. My daughters’ art that they always so sweetly dedicate to their mommy. And where does the art go? It goes into a big tub under the bed. Yeah, it gets pulled out every once in a great while for one of those sentimental “aww” sessions, but that’s about as often as it gets seen. Until now…

It just seemed like such a shame to keep all of those very interesting pictures stuffed in a box. They’re so colorful and, did I mention, interesting. So, I took the most interesting part of each picture and cut it out to fit in each opening of a collage frame. If I  tried to frame each picture in it’s own frame, they would eventually take over the house! This was a good alternative. I plan to make another small collage and two “poster-sized” collages to hang out with this one. I imagine there are enough (if not more) pictures to fill them. So, don’t feel bad for having to pick through those cute hand-drawn pictures to decide which ones to keep. Keep a small portion of each one! You definitely can’t buy art like this!


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