The (Almost) Free DIY Cardboard Box Lampshade

Hello everyone! What a beautiful weekend it was here in Arkansas! It made for a great day to walk around a few old antique and thrift stores!

My only real “find” was a huge cream colored lamp for $5. Only $5! After taking it home I began to think about how much a new lampshade was probably going to cost for such a large lamp. A large, interesting shade would probably run me $30-$40. Urrrrrmmm…Didn’t think about the fact that my $5 find could turn into a $45 find… That’s not happening right now. So, I scurried around the house trying to find an idea to make a free lampshade. I got pretty close at only $1.50.

What was lying around our house that was suitable for a lampshade? A cardboard box did the trick.

*First, find a cardboard box that is the proper size for your lamp. You can make any size shade you need as long as you have the proper size box.

*Next, tape any flaps together and/or cut any flaps off in order to have an open top and bottom for your shade.

*Hot glue fabric to cover the entire outside of the box.

*If you cut off flaps at the beginning of your project, you can now use these flaps to keep your box from bending (an provide a spot to hang your shade). Create small “brackets” from leftover cardboard. Glue these brackets (flat side up) where you want the lamp shade to sit on your lamp.

*Glue your longest flap onto the brackets. Then, glue your shortest flap onto the longest. This should provide some stability.

* Place a strip of hot glue above each side of the flaps (the red strips in this picture) to keep the flaps from shifting upward when you hang your shade. Make a small hole (using scissors, box cutter, drill, etc.) in the center of the shade. This will be the hold you use to hang you shade from your lamp.

* Now, you are ready to place the shade on your lamp!

*Dress it up! This bow was a leftover strip of a white sheet that I cut to fit my shade. I simply wrapped it around the shade and tied! Use beads, lace, fringe, jewels, rope, shells, flowers…….

I hope you guys enjoy creating your own cardboard box lampshade! It sure beats the socks off of spending $40!

Share your little creation with other SBH readers on Facebook! Your project (or home) could be featured on a future SBH post! Thanks for stopping by!


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