Dressing Up With Diamonds…

Well, hi there! I feel like I’ve been away for weeks! Oh, wait, I have… It’s smack dab in the middle of my last year of college classes (graduating with a business management degree this May!), so that keeps me a little busy these days. But on the bright side, I’ve just finished a little free project that I wanted to drop in to show off…

The perfect little bar that we scored for our dining nook needed a little pizzazz. You remember our Craigslist bar, right? Well, now meet our Craigslist bar all dressed in diamonds…



I wanted to keep the design subtle, so simple diamonds in a golden color seemed like a perfect option. The whole process was fairly easy. I painted a base coat of the golden tan color on the whole bar. Then, I taped of diamond shapes with painter’s tape and painted over the tape with white semigloss paint. When the painters tape was removed, it left this subtle design.

So, there you are! This simple technique is sure to spruce up any area that is looking a little blah these days. Make it as bold or subtle as you please!

I’ll try to stop by a little more often in the coming days! If you guys have any stories or projects you would like me to share with SBH’s readers, visit the Facebook page and let me know! You could have your home or project featured on SBH!


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