Headboard Headlines: The Final Look



Whoo-hoo! As much as I love color, neutrals will always hold a special place in my decor style. In case you have missed the last few posts about our new bed, here is a brief run-down. The headboard is a DIYer found at HGTV.com. The total cost for our supplies totaled around $100. The bedding is from the Thomas O’Brien collection from Target. The quilt usually sells for $99.95 but we found it on sale for $24.99. The total for the quilt, 2 shams, and 2 pillow cases was only $52. The square cream pillow is from Pier 1 and the brown frill pillow is from the Better Homes and Gardens collection from Wal-Mart (I already owned both of these). The small, striped throw pillow is a pillow case that I cut in half, sewed together, and stuffed. Total for the makeover? Around $150.

The inspiration for this look came from a mixture of both of our preferences. Jason likes a formal, more modern look. Just think high-end hotel room. I really like the rustic shabby chic style. So, we switched to a more modern, neutral bedspread and opted for a simple headboard (although we will add a footboard and wooden side rails in the future). I kept my mirrors and other shabby decor to add my own style in the room. We both love it. It isn’t too masculine or feminine. It isn’t outlandishly colorful but still feels bright. It is relaxing and neutral without feeling too dark.

Hope you’ve enjoyed following this little makeover for the last couple of weeks! If you have your own makeover story to tell, just head over to the SBH Facebook page! We’d love to see your before and after pictures!



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