Batten Down the Hatches; We’re making Board and Batten Shutters!

You haven’t really heard much about our plan to replace the old white shutters on our house with nice DIY shutters since I first introduced the idea about 4 months ago. After months of considering whether or not to tackle the project, we finally decided the broken, dingy, uneven shutters were not improving our curve appeal. So, they got the boot… And these cedar board and batten shutters have taken their place…

Okay, so maybe we only got around to installing one shutter this evening (the mosquitoes were eating us alive even at the end of September!). But this is a really good way to contrast the old shutters with the new ones.

BTW, we have finally gotten that last piece of siding! It will hopefully be going up tomorrow! Hooray!

I think the cedar shutters will definitely be a big improvement. They were super easy to make! I was able to build them on my own…

I decided to use cedar boards because I know they are supposed to weather well. After a year or so, they turn into that pretty gray color of which I am so fond. They are also fairly resistant to rot.

When you have decided on your type of wood, it’s all about the math. I used 1×4 boards. Since i wanted shutters that were 14 inches wide, I cut 4 1×4’s, which actually ends up being 14″ since each board is technically 3 1/2″. Then I connected them with 2 14″ long 1×4’s; one located 16″ from the top and one 16″ from the bottom. I screw the 14″ pieces onto the longer boards from the back side with 1 1/4″ screws so that the screws would not show in the front. Presto! I had great looking new shutters within a couple of hours. You can also stain and paint the shutters if that is your thing, but I decided to wait out the gray look the cedar will develop soon.

Next you’ll want to screw the shutters into the exterior of your house. If you have brick (like us), you can use concrete screws. They have a special shape to help them grip the concrete. If you have siding of the exterior of your house, you can probably just use normal screws suited for exterior use. We used 2 1/2″ concrete screws to install our shutters.

This whole project set us back about $100 for 4 shutters. But that is still a better deal than buying new shutters from Lowe’s. I also think that board and batten shutters give a house a more unique look. You can totally customize the size, color, type of wood, etc. I’ll try to check back in tomorrow with an updated picture with both pairs of shutters installed!

So have any of you guys tackled board and batten shutters? Do you have any plans to make your own in the future? I highly recommend this project if you have wood-working talent AT ALL! Drop by the SBH Facebook page to let us see your creation or leave a comment and tell your story!


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