Headboard Headlines: It’s Finished

It’s finally here…

Oh yeah…That’s our new DIY headboard that we have been working on from time to time for the last three weeks. And I absolutely tootle-lootley LOVE it. It is the perfect color to match our new bedding (which you can read about here).

If you are interested in creating your own rustic shabby headboard, you can check out this post and also this article from HGTV.com. Do you like the color? Then pick up some Olympic semi-transparent stain in Cinder (available at Lowe’s) and top it off with some clear gloss polyurethane. I knew that this was the weathered color stain I had been admiring the minute I saw it on the shutters of my mother and father-in-laws’ house. It gave even these brand new white-wood boards an weathered look without the worries that sometime accompany the use of old wood (like little buggies…ewww…in a headboard…even worse).

BTW, here is a before picture without the stain…

If you are a fan of lighter colored wood, you could simply sand the headboard and add a couple of coats of poly for a protective shine. Beautiful!

As of the moment, my search continues for a cheap queen sized bed frame. However, as soon as I have one in hand, I will set it all up and update you guys on the final look!

Has anyone tried their own DIY headboard? Upholstered, wooden? Made from window shutters or old doors? A simple stenciled design behind the bed? They are all great! Here are a few of my cost-conscious favorites…

If you are interested in simplicity, here is a super easy method for creating a great headboard from John and Sherry at YoungHouseLove:

The next three ideas from HGTV.com are wallet-friendly ideas that add a ton of character in a snap:

And this one found on the Bits & Pieces blog…

seems to be an old fireplace mantel…beautiful!

Looking for a green idea? Try this recycled pallet headboard from Stylizmo…(Just be sure to treat any old wood for creepy-crawlies!)

There are so many beautiful, inexpensive methods out there! Why pay hundreds of dollars when you can create something that totally compliments your unique style? So get creative! And when you’re done, be sure to drop by the SBH facebook page to show off your creation!



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