Spur-Of-The-Moment Bedroom Makeover…

So, are any of the rest of you guys getting in on the great fall weather that has crept into our lives this past couple of days? This has to be my favorite time of year (of course, I say that every Spring as well). This time is just so full of excitement. The weather is excellent. The holidays begin to push their way into the very, very back of your mind. You just feel…relaxed. And what better way to foster that relaxed feeling that with a relaxed bedroom, right?

This whole redesigning of the bedroom thing was actually a complete accident. Our comforter had never been washed because I was terrified that it would do something funky. But I finally decided it was time to give it a good run through the washer and dryer on the gentlest cycles. When I pulled it out of the dryer, it was an absolute mess. Every bit of the batting inside was gathered at the edges. It was impossible to separate it back out and distribute it through the comforter again. So, Jason was nice enough to take me to Target. Ready to see what a huge bedding clearance sale at Target was able to do for our room?

This is before our spur-of-the-moment redo:

And this is the completely different (in a good way, of course) after:

So, I think this style is a lot more “grown-up,” and it is super relaxing. This time we went with a quilt bedspread instead of a comforter. Bye-bye clumpy mess. Hello my easy-to-wash new friend. The best part is that this new bed cost only $52 at Target. The quilt itself is from the Thomas O’Brien line. It normal retails for $99.99. But on this day, it was only $24.94. 75% off? You just can’t beat that! We also bought a couple of neutral, different patterned pillow shams to add some interest. The prices? $12 and $5. To finish it all off, a couple of neutral striped pillow cases, priced at $4.95 found their way into our cart. The grand total (with tax)? Fifty-two well-spent dollars. Jason and I are in love…(Well, yeah, with each other, but we’re pretty fond of our new room, too.)

The next step is finishing our DIY rustic headboard (which you can read more about HERE).

We’ll be using Olympic semi-transparent stain in the shade of Cinder…

Along with a good dose of poly to finish things.Check back soon for the end result!

So, there ya go! My bedding catastrophe resulted in our getting a bedroom that is uber relaxing and much more “grown-up.”

How about you? Have you ever had a bedding emergency? Checked out Target’s great bedding clearance? Completely changed your room’s look for way less than you were expecting? Leave a comment or visit the SBH Facebook page and share some pics!


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