That Thing…Hanging On The Curtain Rod

That’s really the only way I know how to describe my little craft project for tonight. I mean, what would you really call this thing? It looks super cute hanging from my daughters’ curtain rod. However, I have absolutely no idea what you would call it.

It looks like a bunch of weird colored feathers, right? When I started this…thing…I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do. I just cut a bunch of triangle “flag” shapes out of fabric (8 sets of 5 different colors) and started stringing them together with thread. I think it actually turned out cute, though. It adds a little boost of contrasting color against that green curtain. It might also be a cool decoration for a bedpost, mirror, door knob, etc. (I know the pictures aren’t that good. I snuck into the the girls’ room after they were asleep and snapped a couple of shots. I’m glad they sleep like little rocks! I’ll try to update with some better pics tomorrow!)

So, for now I guess we’ll just call this the feather looking thing. Any suggestions on what it should be called? Seems kinda weird to just label it a “thing.”

If you happen to make your own “feather looking thing,” drop by the SBH Facebook page and show us your creation or leave a comment!


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