Change in (Home) Plans

So after hours of discussion, we’ve changed around the plans for our future home. Of course, even these plans are not final. In case you are new to SBH, let me fill you in on the details of our little home sweet future home.

The house used to be a two story 2,000+ sq. ft. home until a tornado ripped the top right off last March. Now, all that is left is a basement floor (with the studded walls) and a HUGE mess. See for yourself…

See? I wasn’t kidding. It’s an absolute mess. However, the view…wonderful. It’s located on the side of a small hill and one can see the other rolling hills in the distance.

Okay, so now that we’ve got the home introduction out the way (for those who have never been introduced), let’s move on to our revised home plans that Jason has created.

This is the basement floor. One challenge of planning this house is that we are wanting to keep certain things (such as bathroom fixtures, kitchen sinks, washer, drier) in the same location as they were before the tornado destroyed the home. Since we also want to make the most efficient home possible, these goals sometime conflict and it can be maddening.

You may notice that the whole bottom floor looks like it could be a small home all in itself. The reason for this, I am happy to announce, is that my mother (in-law) and sister (in-law) will be staying with us once this house is built. While some people might wince at the this thought, I couldn’t be happier that they will be right downstairs.

So, you will notice that the whole front 2/3 of the basement really is a 2 bedroom and 1 bath home. The laundry room/office area in the back will be an area that will be shared by the basement and main floor. The stairs at the back of the home are a wonderful way to keep access between the homes simple yet preserve the privacy of each family.

This will be the (very possible) layout of the main floor.

Okay. I’ll explain this starting from the front. The very front is obviously a small sitting area and kitchen/dining area. Everything inside the plan (such as table, couches, etc.) are almost to scale. The next two rooms on the right are two small bedrooms which will belong to our daughters. Since they are so small, bunk beds will probably have to be considered if they want to continue to share a room. Across the hall is their small bathroom. Behind the small bedroom is the stairwell that will lead downstairs to the laundry/office area. The room with the angled double door will be the master bedroom. We tried to arrange this part of the house in a way that would place the master bathroom next to the girls’ bathroom in order to make running the pipes to that room easier (the master bath wasn’t in this spot in the pre-tornado house layout.) The room beside the master bedroom is Jason’s “theater room.” Yes, we decided to add a home theater room because we plan to live here for a VERY long time and having one is his big home dream. The master bedroom, the home theater room, and the hall behind the stairs will be added onto the back of the home, outside of the original home footprint. You can probably figure out all of the other little details about the house by looking at the home plan.

*Sigh* I can’t wait. However, there is one very big obstacle that we must overcome before we are able to start on the new home; that obstacle is selling our current home…by owner.

Yep. In order to retain as much of the profit from our current home as possible, we have chosen to attempt to FSBO. We knew it would be time for that sign to go up someday, and that day has come. Unfortunately, there are still a bajillion things that must be done before the house is sold. From trim to tiles, paint to home organization, this house still needs a lot of things done before it is officially considered finished. So, please be patient as we work through this part of the process. There may not be quite as many uber creative posts in the coming days since a lot of my time will be spent doing practical updates on our current home. I will still keep you updated on everything that is going on! After that, we plan to rent while we get the home-building ball rolling. During that time, there will probably be a lot of little DIY craft posts (like the doily chandelier, capiz chandelier, etc.) and posts about what is going on in our home-building adventure. So, it’s about to get busy folks! Hang on for the ride!


2 thoughts on “Change in (Home) Plans

    • I absolutely LOVE YoungHouseLove! Have you seen the new blog layout for John and Sherry created? It looks great! I subscribe to their blog and I get so excited when I see that they are working on another big project! I also like A Beach Cottage. The site’s creator, Sarah, currently lives in Australia just minutes from the beach and she has done an absolutely wonderful job decorating on a tight budget.

      Thanks for the good wishes! Hopefully, everything will work out smoothly. Somehow it always does!

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