A Rustic Bed To Rest Your Head…

You may remember a few weeks ago I introduced the beautiful seagrass bed I was coveting from Pier 1.

Really, really super cute (and at $279, it doesn’t seem like a bad deal)…BUT I recently found a DIY project at HGTV.com that had me at hello.

This rustic, easy to assemble headboard is just begging to grace my bedroom with its shabby chic presence. The price to build the headboard alone is supposed to be a little under $100. I also plan to build a footboard by simply using a shorter version of this same technique. I’m estimating the total amount to be about $150. Maybe…

After DIYing the bed, we’ll give it a brown base coat of paint with a top coat of a green that matches the darkest color of green in our bedspread (just like the little dark green leaf in the center of this picture.)

Then the bed will get just enough distressing to give it an antique look. Can’t you just see it?

The plan is to start this project next weekend, so if you are interested to see how it works, you can check back in early next week for the finished look (hopefully).

Oh, by the way, I know the nightstand on the right side of the bed looks a little entirely empty. I’m still searching for a large lamp for that spot. It’s hard to find a large lamp base at a good price and I haven’t had time to hit any garage sales or thrift stores. Pout….

If anyone happens to try DIYing your own rustic headboard this week, hop on over to the SBH Facebook page and share your pics and story! We’d love to hear it! Thanks guys!




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