Curtain Call: The Finale

A few weeks ago, you guys were introduced to Ava and Kyra’s new “stage” (a.k.a. the playroom closet).

Due to a recent turn of unfortunate events (mainly Jason’s dire need for a quite room to use as an office), the playroom is no longer a playroom. This means that all of the toys, shelves, bins, etc. that where once in this room are now either in our den or in the girls’ sleeping room. It all worked out well, though. The toys in the den stack neatly into our unused little corner

and the rest of the toys and such miraculously fit into the bedroom without a foot to spare. But what about the cute little closet stage?

Well, until I can figure out a way to clear out the girls’ bedroom closet, the stage is just going to have to be…a closet. BUT, we did move the closet curtains from the playroom (now office) to the bedroom and with the help of my new handy sewing machine (which I absolutely love, BTW) they are just as cute as can be!

Not only was I able to hem the sides so that they do not unravel but I added a bottom ruffled layer in a fabric that was a fairly big contrast in pattern and color, which makes them kinda fun and whimsical. Anywho, I’m absolutely ecstatic about their new curtains and can’t wait to whip up a pair for my own room! I’m really thinking “waterfall” curtains. Maybe something like our shower curtain

except… ya know… not a shower curtain.

So have you guys completed any awesome sewing projects recently? Do you have any on your “to-do” list? You can leave a comment and let us know! Or you can visit the Southern Belle Home page on Facebook (here) and share pictures and stories about your awesome projects.


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