The Nerd Family

Introducing my family’s alter-egos: the nerd family.

Hubba-hubba…Here’s Daddy nerd:

Ooo-la-la…Here’s Mama nerd:

Can I get an “awww…”? Here’s Ava nerd:

And last but certainly not least on the cute nerd scale…introducing the adorable Kyra nerd:

And what better place is there to display our nerdy alter-ego selves than right smack dab in the middle of that expansive, empty wall in our den?

So here’s how this little project came into being. Earlier this summer, we hit some garage sales and I found these 8×10 frames for 50 cents apiece. They really appealed to me because they looked imperfect which actually made them unique. The back of one of the frames even has a name and a date (1997) carved into the wood. After attaching some screw eyes to the top side of the frames, I tied each end of a bit of simple brown ribbon to the screws. Presto…cool picture frames for about 60 cents each.

The glasses (with huge nose attached) were a funny gift to the kiddos from my dad and mom. From the second I saw those goofy glasses on my daughters, I knew that I had to do a nerdy family picture collage. BTW, instead of paying to have the pictures printed, I simply printed them on plain printer paper. I’m not sure how much money this ended up saving us, if any, because it used a lot of our ink. However, it was a no-hassle way to get the pictures and they actually look fairly good.

Have you printed any totally off-the-wall pictures lately? Do you have an interesting family photo to share? Leave a comment and let us know!


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