Dance, Little Wooden Man, Dance!

Okay, I’ll keep this really short cause it’s getting late. I’m quite likely to start jabbering on about all kinds of crazy things in a few minutes. On a trip to Hobby Lobby, I picked up this little guy as a $4 addition to our knick-knack shelf in the dining room…

I know it is just a little artist’s mannequin, but he is just such a fun addition to sea of white dishes that currently grace our shelves. My girls absolutely love to move him around, so sometimes I go into the dining room he looks completely crazy. His arms will be above his head and one of his legs will be in one direction while the other leg is bent in the opposite direction. No biggie, though. In about 10 seconds I have him back into graceful dancing mode!

Do you have something completely random that makes part of your house a little more interesting? Anything unexpected? Leave a comment and let us know!


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