Pumpkin (TP) Roll

5 minutes…That’s all it took.

You wouldn’t really believe that these cute little fall “TP pumpkins” would only take 5 minutes to make but it is oh so true.

Are you ready to see how these simple little cutie (pumpkin) pies are made? Carve 5 minutes out of your day and you’re ready to go!


1 full roll of toilet paper per pumpkin
1 square of fabric per pumpkin
1 small branch
floral wire

*To start, cut a square of fabric that will fit all the way around your TP roll and tuck into the top.

*Start with a corner and tuck it into the top of the roll.

*Keep tucking the fabric into the top of the roll. Once it is all tucked, tug at the sides as needed to round it out into a pumpkin shape.

*Add the stick for the stem and use floral wire to create vines and leaves.

See? What did I tell ya? Easy as pumpkin pie! I would love to see of the pumpkins you guys create! Leave a comment and let us know how this project works for you!




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