When I’m Bored I Get Moody…

I’ve been dying for a project to complete around the house but, alas, there are none that I can complete today. So, I decided to make a digital mood board for our den. Here ya go:

The background color is almost exactly the cozy color of our den walls and the brick to the right is supposed to represent our “faux brick” wall. In case you aren’t familiar with our home, let me introduce you to our current (unfinished) den:

You like the unfinished coffee table sitting in the middle of my rug, don’t you? I knew it…If you want to read more about this little project-in-progress, you can see it here.

Just for fun, lets add in some of the elements of the mood board to the actual picture, shall we?

Aren’t you glad that everything in your room doesn’t actually have those little white boxes surrounding it? Hmmm…It’s a little hard to even tell what the room would actually look like. We’ll just pretend those boxes are to let you know what I added to the room…

Anyway, most of this stuff comes from Pier 1. They are having a big sale on items such as pillows this week…Some of the merchandise that they have listed on their website is super cheap compared to normal. The third pillow from the left on the couch is a cream pillow with a peacock design. While it usually sells for about $30, it is listed for a little less than $8 this week. That was one of only several great deals! Oh, I’m such a sucker for Pier 1…

So there’s a little mood board that I may actually use in the near future. Here are a few others I made just to match pillows (from Pier 1 of course)…

I’m obviously a little bored today. Bet you couldn’t have guessed that, huh?

Anywho, do you guys have any completely awesome mood boards that you would like to share (or am I the only person who sits around matching pillows?). Do you prefer to plan out your decor or are you the spontaneous buyer? Seen a good store that has an amazing sale happening this week? Leave a comment and let us know!


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