Save The Trees: Make Removable Wall Decor

Remember when we took Ava and Kyra’s room from this

to colorful this?

Well, the girls absolutely love the new colors and I think the room is as cute as can be, but since I had to remove the big tree decal, the walls seem a bit empty. I threw around the idea of putting up another decal, but in just a couple of months we will probably have to repaint the room in order to put the house up for sale. It seemed like a waste of money to buy something that would only last for 2 months…But then I wondered if I could find a way to make some type of decoration that was removable and could be transferred from wall to wall.

So this decal seemed like a great design to serve as an inspiration for this project:

It is really cute but also very simple. Since I decided to use plain ol’ cardstock paper (due to it’s cheap price) simplicity was key to the design.

Today, we hit up Wal-Mart and bought a $5 package of scrapbooking cardstock paper to use for the circle “leaves”. I cut the circles into 3 different sizes:

Then, I took the circles to Jason at school and asked him to laminate them.

Here’s a little preview of what the leaves should look like on the wall (with a few more leaves, of course).

The leaves will be hung with some of the removable 3M Command picture hangers.This will allow the tree to be moved from place to place without damaging the walls or tree. The only pieces that will have to be replaced when it is moved is the hangers that are used on the wall.

Now, the challenge is to piece together a tree trunk and branches that are small enough to fit through the laminating machine… Sounds like a good job for tomorrow. Check in to see how this project is coming along!


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