Relax And Feel The Sand Between Your Toes…

I’ve randomly decided to go on this beach decor kick. It really all started about a month ago when I found a picture of a gorgeous beach-themed living area in Better Homes and Gardens. The magazine was a couple of years old and I would have felt bad about tearing out the picture out of a magazine in a chiropractor’s office, so unfortunately I haven’t been able to find that exact picture again. Then there was the trip to Florida and our little twilight visit to the peaceful beach, which only amplified my love for this decor. So I have been scheming (as Jason so often refers to my little planning sessions) about ways to work in a few subtle beachy pieces into our decor. So here’s my first simple little step. The little second bath in our house already had a “beachy” feel, so I figured I’d start there…

Wow, we’ve really got to get the rest of that trim up on that wall. How long has it been now? Nine months? Anywho, since the doily chandelier already has that laid-back, sea spray in your face vibe, I threw in a little starfish to finish off the subtle beach look. I’m into the type of beach decor that makes you stop and think a minute before you really understand that the room has that beach house feel.

And up next in the line-up will be our master bedroom (although the full effect of this room probably won’t be felt until we are able to move someday down the road). I’m really wanting something that is light and breezy feeling; something that allows you to snuggle into bed or sit in a cozy chair to read and the room almost forces you to relax (which I need considering I’m pretty high-strung!) Here’s some of the ideas I’ve landed since I’ve started looking around…

I absolutely love this look from Sarah at “A Beach Cottage“:

She has done such a fantastic job using white to create a fresh, seaside feel without making this gorgeous room seem stark and washed out. Kudos to you, Sarah! I love your style!

Notice the beautiful quilt adorning that antique-looking bed? I’m in love… Exactly the type of quilt I’ve wanted forever. There is just something about the clean, elegant look of a white quilt…

Speaking of the future bed, I’m keeping my eye on this guy from Pier 1 (which I absolutely love, even if the store is a bit expensive for us decor penny pinchers!).

This bed actually isn’t that bad when it comes to price. It is currently on sale for $279 for the headboard and the footboard. All of the woven seagrass reminds me of a sea-side escape.

The homemade faux capiz chandelier, which you can read more about here and here, should also fit right in.

So there’s a peek into the future plans for our relaxing, subtly “beachy” master bedroom.

So what do you guys think about the beach themed decor? Do you think that beach decor looks better if you go all-out or try to keep the look fairly subtle? Do you have a room in your home that is “relaxation central”? Leave a comment and let us know!


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