From Hotel Furnishings to Upside Down Buildings: Orlando

It finally comes time to says goodbye to our days in beautiful,exciting Orlando. Although I could literally spend weeks trying to see everything this city has to offer, I am quite ready to get back to my own home and my darling daughters. It’s great to visit the big city and drink in the excitement and adventure found here, but I personally prefer the quiet hum of a country setting. However, one thing is for sure. You can definitely find some great styles in such a diverse setting.

One of my favorite parts of staying in our hotel has been the awesome furnishings found in the general areas such as the lobby and poolside area. They have a very tropical vibe that just makes you want to plop into this curvy seat, eat at that modern table, and relax on those comfy couches (just as I am now). Here are some of my favorites from around the hotel.

How great is this chair? See what I mean about all of the interesting curves? So unique. And the bright orange garden stool? Fab. I have been seeing these a lot lately in magazines/blogs and wish that I could find one within my price range. No luck yet, though.

Although slightly uncomfortable, these chairs added a lot of interest in the pool lobby. They would be perfect to use as extra seating but I wouldn’t use them in a main seating arrangement. Tucked into a little corner or lined up at the edge of the room, as they are here, they could add stylish, small-scale chairs to be used as needed.

I found this fake aquarium very intriguing. The bubbles are glass balls that have been strung together and the seaweed are pieces of fabric that are hung by strings. There are also little fake sea creatures hanging from the top of the “aquarium.” I guess that’s one way to avoid the hassle of a real tropical tank…

This interior wall reminds me of a scene from “The Matrix.” Yep, Jason is slowly brainwashing me into constantly referencing all of his favorite movies. I can almost hear his evil laugh if he finds out I mentioned “The Matrix” here… Anyway, if you’ve ever seen the movie, you know that the “houses” are built into this expansive wall, as in the background of this picture:

And for some reason, this was the first thing that popped into my random little head when I saw this wall inside the hotel lobby. Jason is turning me…I think I’m becoming more like him everyday…

Anywho, here is a picture of the whole lobby from our room on the fourth floor:

One of the most interesting things I have seen during this whole trip was a building about a mile from the hotel. The outside was…unique.

The building is called WonderWorks. It is apparently an attraction that people can walk through and experience all types of illusions. So, is this some sort of supped-up fair fun-house? I have no idea. I just loved the outside. The tan building looks as if it has been completely uprooted (palm trees and all) and flipped onto the top of the little red brick building in the bottom right-hand corner. At night, the windows and street lamps light up and flicker. Muy interesante… (That’s right, in honor of the diversity I’ve experienced here, I’m breaking out my rusty, southern-twang Spanish on ya.)

Well, that’s a pretty good run-down of our hotel and the most interesting attraction I’ve seen on this trip. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the time with my wonderful husband but now it’s time to consider returning to real life. Okay, I guess I’ll consider…

So how about you? Do you crave the interestingly crazy buzz of the big city or the quite hum of the peaceful country? Ever stayed in a hotel that had a crazy resemblance to some movie? Seen any out-of-this-world attractions that left you in awe? Leave a comment and share!


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