Hotel Show-And-Tell

Hello from Orlando! Remember a couple of days ago when I mentioned that we were heading to sunny Orlando, Florida? Well, “sunny” tended to be a bit of a stretch. It has been very cloudy since we left Arkansas and has rained on us (to the point of having to stop at the rest stop) a couple of times. Today isn’t much better. Still humid, still cloudy. But at least the worst the weather has had to offer today was a random sprinkle. Our “sunny” hopes are being dashed for today. Oh well, maybe tomorrow, eh?

Anywho, I’d thought I’d share a little about our hotel that we crashed Monday night. We stayed in the Microtel Inn and Suite in Montgomery, Alabama, and it was really nice for the price we had to pay. Although it was a very small room (enough for a queen bed and a desk), it was fairly modern and clean.

It’s a fairly standard room, right? It was comfortable, though. There was one thing that caught my attention when we walked into the room.

I’ve always wanted white down bedding on our bed at home, but I am almost positive that it would be ruined within the first couple of weeks. You know those little toddler spaghetti sauce covered fingers tend to seek out white objects to destroy. But I am also opposed to paying for both a down bedspread and a duvet cover. Number one reason? Because I want one that is white and the expensive duvet cover is just as likely to be ruined as the white bedspread. However, this hotel bed used what seemed to be a striped, white flat sheet to cover the bedspread (in place of a duvet) and then placed a “wrap” over the bottom of the bed.

I have always loved the clean, stream-lined look of a white bed. The wrap and stripped flat sheet add just a bit of interest and pattern to the bedding. Not to mention that a flat sheet is usually much cheaper than a decent white duvet.

So, I’m really thinking about trying this little approach eventually. Maybe I’ll make the change when we move. I love the bedding we have now, but I have always had my eye out for a way to have that white bedding of which I am so fond…

There’s a little show-and-tell of our first night’s accommodations. I’m not really going to say much about our accommodations night last night for a couple of reasons.

1) We were so tired when we arrived that Jason automatically plopped into the bed before I could even get a picture.

2)The hotel wasn’t nearly as well decorated. Although it did use the same bedding technique, the whole room overall didn’t do it for me. The colors were mismatched and nothing in the room seemed to coordinate. However, we were comfortable and that is all that really mattered. I must give them a thumbs-up on their selection of pillows because I actually used the hotel pillows instead of my own. I have never slept on such a comfortable down pillow. I won’t say that I didn’t consider trying to switch my old pillow for one of those comfortable suckers. But I was good and I refrained….

I’m looking forward to seeing what awaits us when we arrived at our next hotel tonight. The hotels we have stayed at so far have been “budget” hotels because we didn’t want to spend too much of our own money on a room. But for the next 3 nights, our stay is free and normally costs about 3 times as much as what we have paid the last couple of nights. I’ll be checking in with the oh-so-comfy details a little later!


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