Let’s “Colorify”…

Hello everyone! Greetings from Alabama! Yep…We’re currently on V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N (first one since we have been married) and we’re rounding up the last 1/2 of our drive to Montgomery, AL, for the day. Ultimately, we’ll end up in sunny Orlando, FL on Wednesday. On this trip, we’re kinda mixing business with pleasure. Jason is attending a conference in the mornings and then we’ll have the evenings to hang out and relax. But since I have a ton of time (and internet access thanks to our Verizon internet card: best thing EVA!), I decided to update you on a little project that I undertook a couple of days ago.

Remember the little shabby chic dresser that I happened upon at a garage sale earlier this summer? Although it was a little worn and needed some TLC, it was still a good deal and I knew it would make and interesting project for Ava and Kyra’s bedroom. We just needed to “colorify” the thing.

After “discussing” the options for refinishing this dresser with Ava,”she decided” on the following colors and design (She’s just like her Mama!).

I tried to match the colors to the pastels in the bedding but I also wanted them to be a little more vibrant so that they would stand out against the blue walls. We just happened upon the little wooden butterfly in my art supplies and it added a touch of orange that matches the color in their bedding. I used acrylic paint that I already owned for all of the painting so this project was basically free. Soon, I’ll be going over the paint with a thin coat of polyurethane to give the drawers some extra protection, but, considering I’m hundreds of miles from home, that project will have to wait until a later date.

Things at our other home front have slowed for the time being. It’s really hard to get things done when it is 101 degrees and sunny outside and you are up on top of a roof all day. It gets a little VERY warm. We are currently in the process of trying to get things ready for winter and cleaning the basement and land as much as possible so that there will be less work when we are able to start the building process. Since we plan to buy some things (like the tubs, appliances, kitchen cabinets, etc.) used, we’ll be scouring all of our resources for good deals in the near future. We have come up with several ways to keep costs down including buying used items, making our own concrete countertops (more on that in the distant future), and  lots of DIY work.

Have any of you ever built a house on a tight budget? How did you cut the costs without skimping on quality? Come on, leave a comment and share your secrets with us!


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