Addin’ Some Class To The Den…

If you’ve seen the pictures of our den, you may remember the plain, very unattractive light fixture mounted to the ceiling. Ugh…It reminds me of being in a school classroom or car garage (which is very fitting considering that our den was our former garage).

Notice Jason’s nice leg in the picture? Heh-heh. He’s gonna love me for that. Anyway, this light was not the type of light that I had envisioned in our family room so about a month ago we headed to Lowe’s and picked this chandelier out of the line-up. The bronze color fit with our decor perfectly and the fact that it has 9 lights makes for a very well-lit room, which is a must for our home.

The chandelier is made by a company called Portfolio and can be purchased from Lowes. It is large enough that we did not use any of the chain that is included to hang it because it hangs at my head height without it. It is a tad bit long for our height of ceiling, but it looks so nice that Jason says he is okay with watching his head whenever he gets up from the couch.

So, there ya are! This little classy piece is the newest member of our den decor. So how about you? Do you like the look of the large chandeliers or prefer something a little more low key? Have a light fixture that you feel totally transforms the looks of your room? Leave a comment and let us know! Send on over those pictures!


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