Home Sweet….Oh Wow….

That’s probably the reaction most people would have if they could see the new piece of land that we just bought as our future home. About 2 or 3 months ago, a tornado ripped through an area about 20 miles south of our home and destroyed several houses in its path. One owner decided he didn’t have the time to deal with rebuilding his rent house and was looking for someone to take it off of his hands. We just happened to be standing with our hands wide open. But there is a huge catch. The tornado sent the top story of the house to no-one knows where and all that is left is a walk-out basement; A mildewed, smelly basement at that. Let’s just say that we’re hoping to save the joists that support the upper story. Everything else in that basement will soon be feeding a huge bonfire. Yep. My 2 girls will have fun that day. They just love bonfires… So, try to imagine what will be instead of what currently is and you can see why getting this property at half price was actually an excellent deal.

I know, I know. You probably think we are crazy. But give me the chance to explain. This was once a 2070 sq. ft. house built into the side of a hill. When the house was blown away, it left the walk-out basement but took almost everything else. Nothing drastic has been done the property since the disaster happened. Here’s the up-side to the deal. The house already has a foundation, basement walls, possible upper story floor joists, and utilities ready to go on 1.3 acres of beautiful land surrounded by large rolling hills. It will take            a little A TON of time and energy to clear off this land and make it usable again, but just trust me…the price was worth it.

So here’s the plan. We’re gutting the bottom completely. Nothing can be salvaged with the exception of a sink, shower stall and a couple of ceiling fans (which we won’t use anyway). We hope to save the floor joists (which form the ceiling of the basement and the floor of the upper story). If we can do this, it’ll be a major money-saver. Those 2×12 boards aren’t cheap!

WARNING: I’m about to use the paint program again. If you’ve seen past posts, you know how horrifying my paint pictures can be…

After getting the property and basement cleaned up and ready to build, we plan on building the front of the house similar to this:

Hey! I didn’t do too bad! Anyway, the bottom half is a rectangular porch that is covered by the upper overhang. The overhang can hopefully be turned into a living area. This is our semi-plan for upstairs.

We’ve walked through the bottom a couple of times, but it is such a mess that we don’t have any real plans besides the fact that we’d like to fit 2 bedrooms for the girls, a laundry room (since it was down in the basement before), and a “guest quarters.” Once we get it gutted, maybe it will give us a better idea of what we can do in that area.

I am guessing this post was a bit a lot of rambling, but we’re really excited about the potential of our house/not quite a whole house. There will be LOTS to do, which means there will be lots to share with you guys. All I have to say is… say a little prayer for us!

BTW, google tarantula hawk and imagine seeing one of these things the first time you went to your new property. CREEPY…




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