Honey, Come Home To Honeycomb

No, I ‘m not some weird Honeycomb cereal fanatic…but I am a really big fan of the “honeycomb” blinds that we recently purchased for our window treatments. They’re easy-to-use. They’re completely child-friendly. They’re oh-so-chic. No strings attached. (No really, there are no visible strings attached to these blinds.)

These blinds are usually pretty expensive (about $40 for a 30″ blind). However, we were able to find 3 of our 5 blinds for 1/2 price at Bed, Bath and Beyond. The other 2 were purchased from Lowes at full price. That means $200 worth of blinds for $140. We are currently using them in our dining area, master bedroom, and den. They’re total worth it, especially since we have such young children.

If you like to slit your blinds during the day, you’re out of luck with these little gems. However, I’m perfectly content with being able to raise and lower the full blind.They’re super easy to raise/lower and have no long, loose cords.

Have you guys ever tried out the “honeycomb” blinds? Did you think they were the bomb-diggety or do you prefer a more traditional type of blinds? Leave a comment and let us know!


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