Curtain Call

Every kid needs some room to let out some of that dramatic behavior that builds up during the day. What better way to let them put on their show than to give them a place specifically for acting out? No, you don’t need a huge auditorium with hundreds of seats. A small closet will do the trick. It’s as simple as removing some doors and putting up a curtain. After all, you can’t expect to have a stage without a curtain. Right?

If you’re looking for an easy project that your kids will absolutely adore, I can pretty much guarantee this “stage” will almost as big of a hit as the shows your kids will perform from it. It is super simple. I took off the doors of the closet, hung a curtain rod, and used clip-on curtain hangers like these

to ensure that the little ones didn’t pull the curtain rod off the wall and onto their heads. Now, if they pull on the curtain, the curtain will fall off of the clips but won’t take the whole rod with it.

To cover the out-of-place boxes at the top of the closet, I hung a spring-loaded curtain rod and plan to make a short “no-sew” curtain that will run all the way across the top of the closet using this fabric:

The same fabric will probably also be used to lengthen the curtains covering the door opening so that they almost touch the floor. The girls’ “costumes” will hang from hooks on the wall so they are easy access. To finish up the look, I’ll be painting the closet “Shallow Valley” (green) by Valspar. So there you have it. This kid-friendly,  easy-to-do “stage” closet is sure to stir your child’s imagination and bring out that little inner actor/actress. Just be sure that you have comfortable seating nearby for all of the shows that will be coming to a stage near you.

How about you? Have you guys ever attempted to transform a plain ol’ white closet into a stage for the little ones? Ever used a closet for a completely random use? Closets aren’t just for holding the clothes anymore! I’ve actually heard of people who turned their master bedroom  closet into adorable spots to place a baby crib. Anywho, leave a comment and let us know what random uses you’ve found. Thanks for stopping by!



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