Drab to Fab: The Story Of A Bedroom Makeover

There has been one room in our home that I have not attempted to tackle… until now.

Ava and Kyra’s bedroom wasn’t exactly my idea of a refreshing place to wake up in the mornings. It lacked imagination and just looked… well, dull.

See for yourself:

Not the type of room that inspires a lot of imagination, right? Those brown walls don’t really suit two little girls, so once again I rolled up the sleeves and went to work. The big drawback of repainting this room is that I had to remove the cute vinyl tree wall decal. I really wanted to try to salvage as much of it as possible and I did really well. I managed to save all of the branches, the leaves, and the birds but not the truck. I thought the branches might look really “growing” out the window. Our dog, Maggie, had other plans; plans that involved laying on the wall decal and getting it all matted up in her fur. I managed to save the leaves and one lone bird. Anywho, ready to see the new look?

The green color used on the wall surrounding the closet doors is called “Shallow Valley” from Valspar. The color used for the remaining walls is “Bayside” by Valspar. Did you notice the lonely little bird sitting on top of the window in the top picture? That is the single surviving bird from the wall decal. Not to worry, he’ll soon have a happy new home.

See the tree with the red circle? Ava has been asking me to paint a tree on her wall like this one.

Hmmmm… doesn’t look too daunting. I am planning to paint a similar one in between the two beds on the wall at the back of the room. I also saved some of the leaves and plan to use them as “free-floating” leaves around the tree.

So there ya have it. With just a little new color and a new light fixture, this room has begun it’s transformation from dark and dull to imaginative and refreshing. You can check back in to see how this room is coming along as we fine-tune the look.

Have you recently taken a room from drab to fab? Leave a comment and let us know! Better yet, send on over a few pics for sharing!


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