The Center Of Attention

I’m no seamstress, but I can whip up a fine “no-sew” table runner. I really have no sewing ability so the no-sew tape is a lifesaver for me. The runner completed the simple centerpiece and gives the table a fresh feel. The cream color is totally scary to use on a dining table when you have 2 little kids, but I really think it complements the centerpiece and the overall feel of the room best. I really wanted a fabric that had a natural color and texture and this fit the bill perfectly. It was purchased at one of the few Wal-Marts that still have a fabric department and was on sale for $6 since there was only 3 yards left. I used about 2 1/2 yards, for a total of $15. (Notice the new bookcase in the 2nd picture? That’s our newest Craigslist find.)

The process was super simple but it looks just as good as if I had used a sewing machine. I won’t go into the boring details because you can buy a pack of no-sew tape and figure it out easily. Will it hold up to all of the washings in its future? I can’t be sure. However, knowing my kids, we’ll find out soon.

Here’s a breakdown of the cost of the entire centerpiece:

3 floral stems @ half price- $3

blue vase- $8

6 small green tealight holders- $3

fabric for runner-$15

no-sew tape- $2

TOTAL- $31

So, how about you? Are you a master seamstress or do you settle for the good ol’ no-sew tape? Made anything interesting with no-sew tape lately? Have an interesting centerpiece that is begging to be shared? Leave a comment and let us know! Thanks for stopping in!


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