The Little Beast

Yep. That’s Jason’s nickname for his new TV that now graces our den. He says it doesn’t quite qualify for the nickname of “the beast” because it is “only 60 inches.” (Keep in mind that this is coming from the man who was considering something in the range of 73 inches). So it has been dubbed “little beast.” I am so much more fond of the little beast than I was of the monster.

Don’t you just absolutely love the little toddler table that has volunteered itself to be our temporary TV stand? It had better not get too comfortable in its new role, though, because soon we’ll be hitting up the lumber department of Lowe’s in order to build a console table similar to this one:

As always, the console table not only has to look great but be completely functional as well. With a small, sleek design and woven baskets in all of those nifty cubbies, it has no problem filling both of those requirements. BTW, this picture once again came out of my favorite house ever: the 2011 HGTV Dream House.

We’ll see how it goes. Do you guys have any projects planned for the next couple of months? Or are you like us and have so many that you don’t know where to begin? Leave a comment and let us know!


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