The Best Things In Life Are…Well, You Know…

Jason requested that I clarify this saying. “The best things in life are free…except your kids.” Amen to that.

Anyway, I dub today “Free Friday!” We had a great day today and made a couple of awesome things to perk up the homestead without spending a dime. As an added bonus, we were able to spend some time together and reflect on the fact that sometimes the greatest value can be placed on the things that cost ya absolutely nothing.

Right outside your door, you find the best decor. Well, at least I found that to be true today. I made this really cute vase full of wildflowers to sit in the dining room window.

One of the best things about this “vase” is that it cost me nothing. Nada. I wrapped a mason jar in paper, tied ribbon around it, and was off to pick some free wildflowers. I have been wanting to test out a little orange in our dining area to see if it matched the rest of the room and this was a great way to find out. (Looks pretty good by the way…)

This next project was TONS of fun and, again, cost us nothing besides some things we already had sitting around the house. It was especially fun for Ava and Kyra. I am guessing you can figure out why…

Oh yeah… They LOVE it. They color on it. They hang pictures on it. They play in it. This is THEIR “dream home.”

Sometimes we all get caught up in what we need want and we forget that simplicity can be the easiest way to reconnect… with nature, with friends, with family, with God.

What have you guys done recently that you felt really helped you reconnect? Sometimes we just need to be reminded that ” the best things in life are free.”


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