Where You Raised In a Barn Or Something?

The ol’ living area wall is looking pretty empty these days. That is unless you count the wheels of Jason’s bicycle as unique decor. Me…not so much.

After browsing around trying to find the best way to add some interest to this expansive blank wall, I happened to remember the HGTV 2011 Dream Home that I was absolutely ga-ga over this past winter. There was one part of that house that really stuck in my memory: a huge salvaged wooden barn door that had been cleaned up and used as a huge work of art in the living area.

This is so cool!  I don’t know anyone who has an old barn door lying around (do you?) and I wouldn’t know the first thing about where to find one. However, how hard can it be to stick a few boards together and grey-wash them to give them that old barn wood look? It would definitely be unique and different from anything I’ve seen in a living area first-person. So I think I’m up for trying it. This thing is going to have to be made from the lightest, thinnest boards possible and hung from studs in the wall if I have any hope of keeping it on the wall. One problem that comes to mind automatically is that our studs seem to be placed a little further apart than normal and that will have to be taken into account when I am deciding on a size and placement for the “door”. I think it requires a little more research but it should definitely be a possibility.

Have you been inspired by another home recently? Or maybe you’re like me and sulked when you found out that you didn’t win the 1 in 5 million chance home of your dreams (don’t all adults do that?) Comment and tell us what has inspired you lately!


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