Just Call Me Picasso

I literally finished painting a picture to hang on Ava and Kyra’s wall. Literally… I still have the black hands to prove it! So, a couple of days ago I showed you guys a little sketch via paint program on the computer that I wanted to attempt for the playroom. Just to jog your memory…

And then I’m sure we all came to the conclusion that I was really bad at using that program and I should never be allowed to attempt it. But, like I promised, the real deal didn’t turn out half bad.

It’s kind of whimsical, don’t ya think?

Not bad for the cost of a piece of poster board and 20 minutes of my time. The only problem was that I had a hard time deciding if it was going to turn out too Halloween-ish with the black tree. But the bright spiral leaves seem to offset the black and make it a little more girly.

The inspiration for the painting came from this playroom that I discovered while surfing through pictures of playrooms for ideas.

I know that my picture has absolutely nothing in common with this one besides the fact that it’s a tree, but this is the one that set the wheels in motion.

See the rug in the picture? I loved this rug when I first saw it but I kept telling myself “You’ll never find it. You don’t even know where it came from. Just forget it.” Yet I kept going back to this room to look at it. Finally, I convinced myself to hop on over to Craigslist to see if I could find a deal on a decent rug. I typed in “rug” in the search bar and guess what the first listing was… Yep. This exact rug. Coincidence or destiny. Well, it turned out just to be coincidence because the woman wanted $175 for the rug and I could only get her to come down to $150. No way was I paying $150 for a rug that will probably end up covered in no one knows what… It’s cool though because I found this picture in my idea folder and I think it kicks the socks off of the other one.

Cute and girly with the added bonus of not being too toddlerish. It is the type of room that they’ll be able to live with for a while.

So there ya have it. My inner Picasso just happened to come out tonight and I don’t think she did too bad. Have you guys attempted any “artwork” recently? Was it the type of project that made you want to gloat or tuck it away in the closet in shame? It’s okay. We’ve all had them both.


One thought on “Just Call Me Picasso

  1. My dearest Mindy, You are definitely equal to or better than Picasso. I have seen much of your creative talent first hand and wish I had the same gift myself but maybe in a year you can just help me out : ) I love you. Hug and kiss the girls and Jason for me. I miss y’all. Love, Tammy

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