Drum Roll Please…

There are so many things going on today, so we’re just going to dive right in!

If you read the post “Garage Sales Finds: Day 1”, you caught a glimpse of the new vase and flowers that I picked up this weekend. It looks awesome in the center of our table and makes me super excited about getting to get started with the rest of that project. May I have a drum roll please…

It’s still a little plain, but the plan is to add a neutral colored runner and several colored votive candle holders to the mix to liven things up a bit. By the time it’s done, I may think twice about letting the kids eat at the table! (Only because I cleaned food off of a picture frame that was about 5 feet from their chairs today…)

Also in the post “Garage Sale Finds: Day 1” I introduced the fabric that would be used for several projects in Ava and Kyra’s remodeled playroom. Today the first bit of that fabric was used to recover a paper lampshade (which Kyra so thoughtfully added decorative holes in with a pencil). Initially I covered the holes with black cardstock butterflies and it actually looked super cute!

But we all know that in a kid’s playroom that paper shade is going to be like swiss cheese within a week. So, I used the new fabric to cover the shade to make it a little more kid-resistant. (Insert drum roll for dramatic effect…)

I’ll be posting a little tutorial post later for anyone whose interested in how this worked.

And in other news, the mural on the dining room wall is coming along. I was a little tired of only seeing picture frames so I added a little extra interest with a wooden “I” that was picked up from the hobby store for 1/2 price. One frame is still empty but hopefully it will be filled soon.

And a drum roll…

There will probably be more random items added to the collage as time wears on. Who knows what will end up on that wall.

Okay, all of these things have been really cool but none of them compare to this last thing I want to share. So let those drums roll!

The new den furniture is here! WOOT!

Here’s a before pic…

And here is the den as of this afternoon…

But the furniture wasn’t all peaches. We accidentally ripped a very small hole in the front of one of the armrests of the loveseat (I mean, really small). It’s so disappointing to have a hole of any size in new furniture before it even gets in your door. But a little super glue on top to keep it from fraying or tearing more does the trick and I’m just happy to have great furniture (at a great price!) to really punch up the looks of our den.

So there you have it! It’s been a fun day and we’ve made tons of progress. Tonight I’d like to thank my special little helper who kept me company and gave me lots of giggles while I rambled.

Love my little monkey (as she calls herself)!


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