Garage Sale Finds: Day 1

This weekend is all about garage sale shopping! We traveled 1 hour and 45 minutes to stay with the in-laws so that we could check out all of the great garage sales around Jonesboro, AR. We were hoping most people would have sales on Friday mornings so that we could jump on the best deals before the Saturday morning shoppers, but  we only found 4 sales this morning. What a bummer! I totally feel like I’m back in Jr. High using the word “bummer”. Haha… Anyway, I did pick up a couple of odds and ends and I’m fairly stoked about our finds.

Find #1:

This cute pillow (which matches our den colors perfectly) was only $1. The only thing I don’t like about the deal is that I like it so much that I wish the woman had been selling more than one! I can’t wait to see how this looks on the couch!

Find #2:

This very interesting little birdhouse is a decent match for our den decor. It should look great sitting on our desk/bookshelf when we get finished building it. (You can read about that plan in the post “A desk for the mess”.) This find was actually picked up from a store called Hobby Lobby, which has several locations across the South, for $5. That’s a little more than I usually pay at garage sales, but the thing was 80% off so I fought my frugality for this one find since it WAS on sale.

Find #3:

Again, not really a garage sale find, but 80% off at Hobby Lobby for a total of $3 is close enough. This will be perfect to sit on our desk in the den to hold receipts (Jason is infamous for having receipts stashed everywhere around the house).

Well, that’s all of the great garage sale/80% off sale items I found today (besides a couple of cute Halloween decorations but I’ll save those until that time actually rolls around). However, I did make a couple more buys at Hobby Lobby while I was there. I absolutely love that store and couldn’t pass up picking up a couple of things I had been eying.

This cute pink and black swirled fabric is going to be perfect to use in Ava and Kyra’s new playroom. It will really offset the dark pink walls and add some pattern to the room. So far, I plan to use it to cover the paper lampshade which currently has holds poked in it (courtesy of Kyra and a pencil) and to make a cushion for the top of a window seat/toybox. You can read more about the playroom remodel in the post “Folders and playrooms and paintings, oh my!”

Last but not least is the cute centerpiece that I picked up for the kitchen table. At the present moment, there is a beautiful bouquet of real flowers (thanks to my great husband), but let’s face facts…they’re not going to be there forever. So, I picked up this simple setup to take its place when the time comes.

Sorry about the tags on the flowers. I don’t want to take them off until we get home so that the flowers actually make it there in one piece. In case you’ve never seen our table, here’s a peak so that you can visualize these flowers in the center of it a little better.

Now if I can just find a runner and a few cute candle holders, it’ll be ready to go!

So there you have it. That’s what we’ve been doing for the majority of our day. Well, besides the great nap that came after getting up so early and running around with two sleepy kids! But, tomorrow is another day and we plan to be back out at the crack of dawn! Thanks for stopping by and listening to my ramblings about our garage sale hunting, nap taking, money saving weekend!

BTW, let us know some of the deals you have found already this summer. Was it from a garage sale? Craigslist? Flea market?



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