A Desk For The Mess

Disorganization… I hate it. I loathe it. You would never guess that it was that high on my “top things to hate” list if you saw this picture of the corner of our den:

That little shelf really irks me. Jason tends to have a lot of books and other random gadgets lying around and they are ultimately tossed wherever he finds suitable. When he had his office (which is now being turned into the girls’ playroom), it didn’t bother me nearly as bad because I really never had to go into the room. But now, we have to find a way to keep this stuff organized… please… for my sanity’s sake.

I’m really digging this “Expedit” desk from Ikea. Not only does it fit the bill as far as a desk goes, but there is also a ton of storage space for the books, receipts, bills, papers, etc. There’s even room left over for some awesome little knick-knacks in those cute little cubbies!

The desk and bookshelf are separate and the desk is supposed to be connected off to the side of the shelf. So, here’s a little idea of what it might look like in our little messy den corner.

Of course, we will probably be building it ourselves since the closest Ikea is over 6 hours away and shipping alone for this desk would be over $300. Stay tuned and we’ll let you know how it goes!


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