Picking A Color For The Den: Post 1,345,692

Okay, so it hasn’t been exactly 1,345,692 posts. Maybe about 3? But still, you guys are going to think that this crazy lady has a major problem with being able to make up her mind. Well, Jason would probably give a big, hearty “Amen” to that thought, but I like to experiment! It’s the only way to get things exactly as you want them!

So here goes one last post about the colors in our den:

This is the color palette we have decided to use for this room. (Just ignore the big red circle around the “toffee crunch.” I’m feeling a bit lazy and didn’t want to go back and edit it out.) The palette is the Audubon Collection by Olympic paints.

So, I’m still using the same color palette (Yay!), but we have grown to really like our couch and I wanted the color to match the comfortable thing a little better that the pale yellow we had previously painted.

So we axed the “toffee crunch” yellow and repainted with a more natural “willow tree” green from the same color palette.

The color of the wall suites our furniture much better. Did you notice the rug in the bottom right corner? I absolutely LOVE this rug. It was on sale at Lowe’s for $50. It is the grassy kind of material that is suitable for indoor/outdoor use so it is tons easier to keep clean than our former shag pile rug. Good thing you don’t always have to give up style to accommodate the kids! Here’s a pic comparing the rug to the colors in our color palette. It’s a fairly close match…

The colors match well, don't you think?

I could go on about this beautiful/kid-friendly rug for paragraphs, but let’s move on to an area of the den that I have yet to touch on: the white brick panel wall. This is actually one of the part of this room on which I haven’t wavered  at all. I love the contrast of color and texture against the other 3 walls. We simply bought brick printed wall paneling ($25 a sheet at Lowes) and painted it the “spice delight” color from our palette. Two coats of Olympic Premium paint and the paint sticks just as well as it does on the walls. Want an added bonus? Olympic Premium has no VOC’s so it pretty much odor free. That’s a must with all of the painting we’ve been diving into these days… We haven’t gotten around to putting down baseboard and crownmolding, constructing window boxes (next on our list), and concealing the corners, but so far I love the look.

I know it looks shabby but just wait until we get those window boxes!

Our corners stll need to be concealed

Why did we choose this paneling for our wall? We DIY built the wall and it wasn’t totally even. This paneling has helped to hide the uneven sheetrock and the joints (because finishing out sheetrock joints is a total pain.) It turned out to be my favorite part of the room!

BTW, we no longer have to try to ignore “The Monster” in the corner of our den. Talk about freeing up some space! If you don’t know about the monster, stop by the post “The Monster” and you will understand why this is a good thing. For now, we are again TV-less. We should be getting another TV in July and Jason promises me this one won’t be a monster but a beast. I really hope there is a difference, sweetheart. Seriously, the next TV we get should be really great. I’ll have Jason post some specifics when we get it because I know absolutely nothing about electronics (besides if they look like they work well with the rest of the room).

Have you done anything unusual to cover up a DIY mistake (like our brick paneled wall?) Sometimes those mistakes seem to lead to better ideas! Comment below and let us know!


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