Let’s Play Outside!

It just dawned on me yesterday that I haven’t posted anything about our yard. I absolutely love working outside so it’s a bit surprising that missed it!

When we moved into our house, there was nothing in our yard except some weeds. It definitely wasn’t that curb-side appeal most people desire. Since we moved in December, I wasn’t able to start working until about March. We dug up a bed in our front yard and lined it with flat rocks that we found in the creek that runs in front of our house. After over a year of work, the yard is actually starting to look presentable.

Did you notice our white make-shift window shutters? I found these last summer for $1 each at a garage sale. This summer, I plan to replace them with homemade board and batten shutters stained to resemble old wood. I’ll definitely be posting about that project when the time rolls around.

I almost didn’t even post this picture because of the truck sitting right in front of the house. Jason has been repainting his truck himself and uses our front parking pad as his “workshop.” Good thing we planned to tear out the concrete and build a porch where the parking pad is now because that concrete is covered in black paint. Anyway, here’s the entire house, truck and all.

So if you can imagine grayed board and batten shutters, a nice wooden porch instead of the parking area, and no truck, you have an idea of what we plan to do in the next few months.

As a bonus, here is a look into our Memorial Day weekend. My dear daughters never fail to keep us entertained!

Hope you guys had a great weekend! Glad to be back to sharing all of my home adventures with you!


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