Here’s The Scheme…

In only two weeks, our new den has suffered through 3 completely different color schemes.

Color scheme number one contained light blue walls with green and silver accents. It was very short-lived, however, due to the fact that we felt the color did not accent our furniture well.

The monster in our den

The light blue scheme

Next, we thought that the room might benefit from some bright blue walls. Not only would this give the room a lot of energy, but Jason wanted a color that would make the room darker when viewing movies. This plan only lasted 24 hours. I didn’t feel that the color complemented the “feel” of our house. After 3 coats, the wall was still striped. Why? Because we were careless and pick up roller covers made for smooth walls when we have textured walls. Lesson learned.

This poor blue hue was never even given a chance...

So, here we are two weeks and 3 color schemes later. I decided to use colors from a color collection from Olympic brand painted that has always caught me eye: The Audubon Collection. The circled “toffee crunch” is the current wall color. The trim and doors sport the lovely “spice delight”.

We plan to sell the Craigslist sectional and get a completely brown one to better blend in with the walls. Good thing I can probably sell it for more that I paid! The new sectional we are considering is a brown faux leather one from Big Lots for $699. We need something that is not cloth! Our current sectional already has a small blue pen mark where one of our daughters sneaked into the room with a pen to color.

The accents in the room will be the other colors found on the color collection card. I plan to have a small desk that is painted in the “spice delight” color with a “willow tree” colored chair and a small side table painted in the earthy cane color. I guess I’ll just be carrying this little card with me to try to match all of my decor. Look out garage sales, here I come!

So there’s the scheme. I know it may not look the best right now, but give me a couple of weeks and we’ll see how things progress. I have a plan, I just have to be patient!


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